Unique Engagement Photo Ideas

If you want to document your relationship’s new journey every step of the way, a great way is by having unique engagement photos taken. Not just any old pictures in a photographer’s studio will do, something unique to the two of you. Have some fun with it, here are some great unique engament photo ideas.

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Engagement Photo Ideas

Where you went on your first few dates

Generally, when we first start dating someone we explore places we’ve never been too together. Think back to somewhere special you went to, somewhere you had a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular, just someplace that brings back wonderful memories. It could be something as simple as a park or a pretty street or field you took a stroll through.

A special place you go to often

Do you have a place you visit often or love to go to together?  That would be a great place to take your pictures. That way not only will you have the old memories you’ll also have the memories of your new life together.

Where you got engaged

Maybe you got engaged in a cool spot or a special place. If you didn’t take any pictures when he popped the question, now’s your chance to relive the event. You can recapture some wonderful memories and create some truely unique engagement photos.

A trip destination

Was there a great trip you took? You could revisit some of those places you had a wonderful time in and have your photos taken. You could easily find a photographer there to take the photos.

Hobbies you both enjoy

What hobbies do you do together? Maybe you can incorporate them into your engagement photos. For example, if you like to go hiking why not take some photos on the trail? You can get some great backdrops in your photos. But ditch the hiking outfits.

Anywhere beautiful and unusual

If you can’t come up with a place, try choosing somewhere pretty and interesting. Then you can start new memories there.

Unique Engagement Photos

Here are some beautiful and unique engagement photos to get your ideas flowing:

These first two are for the nature lovers. They are both so simple and earthy yet beautiful!

engagement photo woods


engagement photo camping


Why not take pictures at your favorite neighborhood hangouts?

engagement photo neighborhoodSource

engagement photo coffee shopSource

If you both love sports, this is a great way to incorporate that into your engagement photos.

engagement photo ballparkSource

engagement photo football themeSource

Ahhh, the wonderful trip to Paris, amazing photos.

engagement photo parisSource

These have to be two of the most  unique engagement photo ideas I’ve seen. If you guys are a little quirky, why not let it show through thru the photos? I love the zombie in the second photo, too cool!

engagement photo under waterSource

engagement photo zombieSource

Don’t forget to include your furry friends, they are part of the family after all!

engagement photo with pet dogSource

*An added bonus of these photos is that they would make great save the dates.

For even more amazing and unique engagement photos check out my board on Pinterest.

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