Wedding Envelope DIY Tips

wedding envelope

The wedding envelope is an often overlooked area where you can add a little personalization and flair. You can easily personalize your wedding envelopes  without much extra cost.

If you’re having your invitations printed, your order will most likely include free plain white envelopes. But if you want anything a little fancier you will have to pay a hefty price for it. A way around this is to just order them online or make them yourself for almost nothing.

There are a few things you need to know before choosing your wedding envelope:

#1 Check the envelope size with the post office

Before making or choosing anything check with the post office for their minimum and maximum size requirements. If the envelopes are too small (for example; the rsvp) they will not get delivered. Or if they are too large, heavy or bulky you will have to pay for extra postage.

#2 Match the invitation to the envelope and not vice versa

I learned this the hard way. Envelopes come in standard sizes, you want to choose your wedding envelope size first, then build your invitation set around that. I had actually printed some invitations out before I realized they weren’t going to fit, so I had to cut them down to size (not fun!).

#3 Leave enough space for the invitation set to fit in the envelopes

Since the wedding invitation is the largest piece of the set that will be going in the envelope, start by determining that measurement first. Leave about ¼” around all four sides, so there is an even space around. You will need to leave enough space so that complete invitation set (invitation, RSVP, RSVP envelope, map, etc.) can slide in and out easily, but not fall out. But remember if you have too many things going into the envelope, not only will you have to pay more postage, but you may need to make the invitation smaller. The extra height will reduce the space between the invitation and the envelope edges.

#4 They don’t make white ink for printers

If you buy dark colored envelopes you may not be able to print on them! I didn’t know this until I decided to print the addresses on the dark brown envelopes I had already bought. For the life of me I could not get my printer to print in white, so after looking online for what seemed like hours for a solution I came across this little known fact.

Luckily I came up with the idea to use custom address labels which came out great in the end. So if you have your heart set on dark colored envelopes you could always just use labels.

#5 Skip the 2nd envelope

Traditionally invitations come with an inner envelope placed within the second outer envelope. Some invitations also come with a paper liner. Both of these were used in the old days to protect the invitation during the journey through the mail system. You can save money as well as possible extra postage costs by skipping this extra liner and inner envelope.

#6 Skip wedding envelope liners or make them yourself

Yes, these are nice and fancy, but can get pricey. These alone can cost around $50 for 100. Plus you still have to affix them to the envelopes yourself.

If you don’t know what these are, they are the pretty paper that lines the inside of the envelope flap. A good way to save money and still get those liners is by making them yourself.

Get an envelope liner template kit , or

Make your own template by watching these videos:

DIY Wedding Invitations – Envelope Liner

DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope Liners

#7 Buy more supplies than needed

Very important, always order, buy or make at least 10% more than you will need. This will ensure you have enough in case of mistakes or lost invitations that you have to resend.

Photo credit: Photo by just4you

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